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We are a nationally approved online testing program designed to help you obtain your safe boater certification from your state.

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Our program is simple:

You can study the manuals for free, take the course for free, and take the chapter exams for free, as many times as necessary to pass.

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    Advanced users can attempt a one-time Challenge Exam if desired.

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    (Florida Only) Receive your card in the mail within 2-3 weeks. (Other states) Print your temporary certification online. Your card will be shipped within 2 business days via US Mail.

Who should take this course?

An increasing number of states are phasing in mandatory boater education courses. Our course is designed to meet these requirements or provide safe boating education to anyone seeking a safer boating experience. Course materials address pertinent topics for boating enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience.

  • Younger boaters who need state certification (or a boater's license) to legally operate a motorized vessel or a PWC
  • More experienced boaters who want to review material or learn about new boating laws and regulations

The national and state course material as well as chapter exams are available online free of charge.

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